AntiGravity® Just Kids Demos

Imagination Place in Salt Lake City is *the only place in the world* to offer the innovative AntiGravity® Just Kids curriculum - so come give it a try!

Our classes employ thematic material to engage your child while he/she explores flying, stretching, and breathing. Each class builds on the previous class to promote gentle stretching, while introducing an element of lightness and play. Professional AntiGravity® Fitness instructors guide your child to cultivate levity in mind, body, and heart.

By taking AntiGravity® Just Kids fitness classes, your child will discover how much fun exercise can really be, while conquering fears and building self-confidence. You will notice improvement in your child's focus, flexibility, and strength.

AntiGravity® Just Kids Demos are for NEW families only. Space is limited. Please arrive 10 minutes early to secure your spot.

Free Introductory Class!

Saturday, December 13th! 

At Imagination Place 
1155 E. 3300 S., Salt Lake City

Kids Demos

1:30 pm



2:00  pm

2:30 pm 


5-6 yr (FULL) please fill out form to wait list

7-10 yrs

11-15 yrs 

12:30 pm 

  1:00 pm 

Birth - 2 (FULL) please fill out form to wait list 

 3 - 5 (FULL) please fill out form to wait list

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