Capturing the healthy side of your child's playful behavior

Imagination GuruDarlene Casanova, has done it again! Integrating decades of expertise in music and movement for children of all ages, Darlene, in union with Christopher Harrison, has created the first-ever AntiGravity® Just Kids curriculum for kids ages 5-16 and has traveled the globe training instructors in this incredible technique loved by children all over the world. Your child can practice right where it all started! 

Children in AntiGravity® Just Kids discover how much fun exercise can be while conquering fears and building self-confidence. You will notice improvement in your child’s focus, flexibility, and strength. Each class builds on the previous class instruction to promote gentle stretching while introducing an element of lightness and play. Certified instructors guide your child to maintain levity in mind, body, and heart.


5–6 year olds

This class is guided by AntiGravity® Kids certified instructors who specialize in working with children. The Gliders class utilizes thematic material inspired by the elements to engage your child while he or she swings, stretches, spins, balances, strengthens core muscles, and opens the imagination. Discover the fun of exercise while developing courage and self-confidence.


7–10 year olds

Let their spirits fly. The Flyers class incorporates more challenging poses and fun tricks to engage this growing child. The AntiGravity® certified instructor will lead sequences for your child to swing, stretch, spin, balance, strengthen core muscles, and expand the imagination. He or she will discover a sense of independence while developing self confidence. The result is a happier, balanced child.


AntiGravity® Just Kids

All classes are drop-off

• Class size is limited to 9 students

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