About AntiGravity® Fitness

What is AntiGravity® Aerial Fitness?

AntiGravity® has created a low-impact cardiovascular workout that simultaneously decompresses and strengthens your musculoskeletal system. This popular fitness trend combines gymnastics, dance, pilates, calisthenics, and yoga to increase your overall health and physical agility. The technique was originally created by gymnasts and aerial acrobats that used the Harrison Hammock for competitions and performances, and has now been modified and enhanced to cater to the everyday athlete and to enhance your weekly workout. AntiGravity® Aerial Fitness allows you to enjoy both meanings of its nomenclature --- against gravity and against graveness --- manipulating physics while staying lighthearted.

What are the benefits to Aerial Fitness?

Enjoy a low-impact cardiovascular workout that decompresses the spine
Perform downward dog and yoga inversions with NO wrist, neck, or back compression
Stretch further than you have before ….with less strain
Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
Create better body awareness while increasing overall agility and flexibility
Add an entirely new dimension to your fitness routine


Who created AntiGravity® Fitness?      

Christopher Harrison Has been practicing yoga since the early 1990’s, dance sincethe 1980’s and gymnastics since the 1970’s.Professionally, he is the Founder & Artistic Director of AntiGravity® Inc., an entertainment and fitness brand established in 1991. Harrison is a Broadway aerial choreographer and dancer and also a world-class competitive gymnastics specialist/coach who formed the acrobatic performance team AntiGravity® as an expression of his love for creating movement. He is the inventor of the silk hammock apparatus and creator of AntiGravity® Fitness, the pioneer program that originated the new exercise field called "suspension training", and the only AFAA & ACE certified technique of its genre. His intention is to inspire the world to greater health, wealth and happiness through his creations.Mr. Harrison’s guarantee: “If one can ‘suspend their disbelief’ for an hour I can bring them to better health and less pain, increase their physical height, and allow them to feel the joy of flying in just one class.” 


What is the Harrison Hammock?

The Harrison Hammock is a structural fabric that is connected from two overhead points. It acts like a swing or soft trapeze. The Harrison Hammock is utilized by beginners and experts alike to bend, stretch, hang, swing, and relax, allowing you, the participant, to increase your fitness levels by incorporating a new dimension of exercise into your routine.

What is AntiGravity®?

AntiGravity® is an acrobatic performance troupe that was founded in New York City in 1990 by Christopher Harrison, a native of Brigham City, Utah. From the Olympics to a Presidential Inauguration, from Broadway to MTV, they are the most prominent American-based company in the rapidly emerging field of Aerial Arts. The company is best known for their performances which incorporate AntiGravity® Boots, Dancing Bungees and the Harrison Hammock. Recently, P!nk wowed viewers and the world with her stunning Glitter in the Air Grammy performance --- soaring high above the audience in an Harrison Hammock, as choreographed by AntiGravity® Choreographer Dreva Weber.


What our Students Say about AntiGravity® at Imagination Place:


"Classes are fun, great instructors, felt very comfortable when first starting out. Great workout and I feel so good when I leave!" -3/2014 


"I always leave feeling like I've accomplished something; I always learn something new." -3/2014 


 "A safe, clean environment. Classes start and end on time. Instructors know and remember our names. The instructors are patient and encouraging to all students. The breaks are just the right length. Love the music selections. The classes remind me of being a kid and hanging out in the trees and on the monkey bars, so, on a cellular level, my body very much responds to this. We are asked to listen to our bodies rather than compete against one another…My favorite thing of all though, is that the instructors seem to love their jobs and appear to be handpicked because of their passion for wellness, peace, goodness, and integrity equally as much as their ability to teach AntiGravity® Yoga." - 3/2014


"There is a little bit of everything - strength, stretch, meditation. I have degenerative disc disease and I have not had to go back to physical therapy since I started AntiGravity® yoga." -3/2014


"The instructors are great! The classes have saved my back after surgery in 2008" -3/2014